50-50 Rule

Overview of the 50-50 Rule: When there is a tournament failure, the poker room is obliged to pay out the prize pool in a reasonable and fair fashion. The 50-50 rule is used by other poker sites and is generally considered to be reasonable and fair. Where possible, we use the 50-50 rule.

Simply put, all players who are still in the tournament share the prize pool as follows:

50% of the prize pool is divided equally by all players still in the tournament, regardless of their chip count.
50% of the prize pool is divided amongst the players proportionately to the number of chips held by each player.

More Details There are caveats that apply to this rule: The rule will be applied based on the last fully completed hand on each table in the affected tournament. The poker room’s definition of a completed hand is used … this means the server has marked the hand as ended. This occurs after showdown. All hands not marked by the server as completed are null and void regardless of how close to completion they were. Only players still holding chips at end of the last fully completed hand prior to the tourney crash will get chips. Players who already were out of the tourney do not get any chips. In some cases, we may not be able to retrieve the data necessary to apply the 50-50 rule. If that occurs, the poker room will apply a fair solution based on the circumstances. This could be refund of buy-in, even division of prize pool amongst remaining players, or some other fair formula based on circumstances.

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