Satellite Tournaments

The following rules apply to Satellite Tournaments only:

  • Only first place in the STT Satellite qualifiers gets a prize, being a seat in the MTT final.
  • If you play and win more than one STT Satellite qualifier, you win the cash value of the seat if you already have a seat in the Final.
  • You may register directly in the MTT Final, paying the full seat price.
  • If you have a seat in the MTT Final that you won, you may not unregister to take the cash value. If you directly purchased the seat in the Final, you may unregister and receive a refund for the buy-in and fee prior to the start of the MTT Final.
  • STT Satellite qualifiers will not begin within 2 hours of the Final. Anyone seated at an STT Satellite qualifier that has not started before the 2-hour cutoff will receive a refund and the STT will be cancelled. In the unlikely event a Satellite Single Table qualifier has not completed by the start of the Grand Final MTT, the winner of the Satellite STT will be awarded the cash value of the seat. This may take up to 48 hours to process.
  • You may purchase a seat in the MTT Final up until moments before the start of the MTT Final.

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