Tournament Rules

Our tournaments differ from the non-tournament (cash) games in several ways. In all tournaments, the following rules apply.

We have Single Table Tournaments for nine, six or two players.Two player tournaments are also known as Heads Up Tournaments.Single table tournaments can have turbo, speed or normal blind levels and can be limit, pot limit or no limit. They can also be satellite tournaments for which the prize is not cash, but a seat in a multi-table tournament.Details of these specifics are listed next to each tournament in the single table tournament lobby. For nine player tournaments prize money is paid to the top three finishers. For six player tournaments the winner and runner up are paid prize money and for Heads Up tournaments, only the winner.

  • If you fail to respond, or suffer a disconnection, there is no All-In protection.
  • You may not Sit Out. You may, instead, mark yourself as Away From Table.
  • If you time out due to disconnect, or failing to respond when your turn, you will automatically be marked as Away From Table
  • If you are in the Away From Table mode, your blind is paid, when appropriate, and you are folded. To return to playing mode, uncheck the Left Table box.
  • If you are in Away From Table mode you will only be eliminated from the tournament when you have lost all your chips and will still receive prize money if you are eliminated in a prize paying position while in Away From Table mode.

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